Keynote Talk (1): John Granger on Harry Potter and Literary Criticism — ‘The World Turned Inside-Out & Right Side Up’

by John Granger on October 6, 2015

The subtitle of this talk was “Why Harry Potter has More to Teach Us about Literary Criticism than Literary Criticism does about Harry Potter.” I tried to make the point that the reason so many serious readers, especially those in the academy, missed the Hogwarts Saga’s Christian content, traditional ring-story scaffolding, and alchemical symbolism was that they read with their cranial rather than their their cardiac intelligence a la Coleridge. Please send me your questions so we can be sure to get to them during the upcoming webinar!

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Suzanne Lucero October 7, 2015 at 12:21 pm

These lectures, and this one in particular, have given so much more than what is in the RAVENCLAW READER; specifically, the q&a at the end of each one. Obviously, I have the RR, and have read it (also THE DEATHLY HALLOWS LECTURES, just saying) but to actually listen to the RR lectures being given has added immeasurably to my ability to absorb–and enjoy–them. Thanks so much for making the videotaped lectures available.

Also, you gave examples of the ring structure of each book and the series as a whole in TDHL, but the visualization–the charts and graphs–was new to me. When I went back to TDHL to check, I noticed that I had underlined (and promptly forgotten I’d done so) two other books that contain the charts and graphs: How Harry Cast His Spell (Tyndale, 2008, 3rd edition) and Unlocking Harry Potter (Zossima, 2008, 2nd edition). I’d like to thank you for bring these books to my attention, both in TDHL and your RR lecture. (I was going to make some smart remark about having to buy those books as well, but I realized I don’t mind. I just have to save-up the money for the books AND the extra bookshelf I’ll need.) It’s a good thing you’ve offered these wonderful online perks for buying RR. I wouldn’t have room for everything, otherwise.


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